Shrifter® Paddle Shifter: Fits 67-94 GM, Flaming River, Ididit

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  • Model: 10043
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  • Manufactured by: Twist Machine, LLC

The Shrifter®, a wireless paddle shifter, turns your electronic automatic transmission into a paddle shifted manumatic. The Shrifter® provides ultra quick up and downshifts without removing your hands from the steering wheel. Signal time is a mere 125 milliseconds -- Faster than any mechanical manual or automatic floor shifter.
HOW IT WORKS: The paddle shifter works in conjunction with aftermarket transmission controllers from Compushift, TCI, Powertrain Control Solutions, Holley, Painless Wiring, GMPP, and US Shift (Baumann Engineering). It's the only one that works with all of the transmission controllers. This product does not work by itself. An electronic transmission controller is required. Like the "mouse" connected to the computer on your desk, the Shrifter® is an input device that sends requests to a transmission controller. The trans controller is the heart of the system, which actuates the electric shift solenoids that control the forward gears. If you do not have a transmission controller, please click HERE
for our paddle shifter trans controller manumatic package. As the Shrifter® only controls the forward gears, a separate mechanical floor or column shifter is required for “Park/Reverse/Neutral/Drive”--the same method is employed by ALL factory manumatics for safety reasons.And you MUST have an electronic transmission. Transmissions such as the 700-R4, TH350, TH400, PG, 2004R will NOT work. It must be an electronic transmission controller plugged into an electronic automatic such as a 4L60E, 4L80E, AODE, 4R70W, 4R100, TCI 6X, etc.
The Shrifter™ paddle shifter accepts popular nine bolt, 5 bolt, and 6 bolt aftermarket steering wheels and fits a wide range of factory and aftermarket non-airbag steering columns without modification. It does NOT work with airbag steering wheels and should never be used in street driven vehicles that came equipped with airbags from the factory. Combined with a modern electronic transmission and controller, the Shrifter® paddle shifter adds performance and style to your hot rod.
APPLICATION: This paddle shifter fits popular 67-94 GM spline steering columns. This spline is also the industry standard for aftermarket steering columns from Ididit and Flaming River. If your steering column does not have 67-94 GM splines, please click HERE to see our universal model paddle shifter that is commonly used on Ford, Mopar and other non-GM spline columns as well as racing applications with quick release hubs.